Self hosted

Keeps your confidential data within your control.

Fits in

Easily integrates with your existing source control system so you don't have to change the way you work.

Easy updates

Periodically checks for updates and allows you to install with the click of a button.

Don't limit yourself

Bugify is for everyone

From programmers, to car wash maintenance. Bugify is being used in many different industries. If there's anything you need to keep track of, keep track of it with Bugify.

"Bugify is the lightweight & lightning fast solution to issue tracking that does everything we’ve been looking for and more." - James

"I searched everywhere for a bug tracker that my clients could actually use without needing a 7 day study course, now with permissions it's my goto for bug tracking" - Nathan

"Prettiest bug tracker I've ever seen..." - @nightshiftc

"Been using Bugify for a few weeks now as our issue tracker/planning system. Extremely impressed, simple and powerful, the best I have used." - @nfbenson