All good bug tracking systems should come with an API these days. We believe you should be able to get your data in and out of Bugify easily.

API Endpoint

Just add /api to the end of your Bugify URL (e.g., http://example.bugifyapp.com/api)


All interactions with the API are done as a specific user. Each user has their own API key which you can find under "My Account" when you are logged into Bugify. The API uses HTTP Basic Access Authentication, using the API key as the username and the password remains blank. If you're unable to use HTTP Basic Auth, you can add your API key as another parameter like: &api_key=123

API Explorer

Play with the API Explorer to learn how the Bugify API works. All the available API resources (methods) are available below. The API Explorer is using the Bugify demo site. The demo data is reset every 30 minutes.