Bugify offers a simple way of managing issues for your projects. We wanted to create a product that made it easy to just get the job done. Bugify is about keeping track of issues, and we pride ourselves on offering the features we believe are needed to get this done, without the extra complexities. The best way to get an understanding of what is offered in Bugify is to take the demo for a spin.


Email notifications

Fine tune your email notification settings to turn the noise up or down.

@Mention users

Include other users in your comments so they know what's going on.


Add labels to issues for better categorisation.


Bugify has a powerful API so you can integrate however you want. Read the documentation.

Realtime desktop notifications

Most browsers support desktop notifications.

Follow other users' issues

Keep tabs on issues you're interested in, even if they're assigned to someone else.

Issue priorities

Mark issues as high, medium, or low.

Source control integration

Integrates with git/svn/hg/etc

Powerful search

Easily find the ticket you want.

Saved search filters

Create your own view for issues that are important to you.

Issue linking

Reference other issues to connect them.


Global milestones allow you to have issues from multiple projects with the same deadline.

Easy software updates

No more downloading or FTP'ing. Just click the button to update.

History tracking

See what happened and when, including diff support on changes.

Markdown for formatting

Full Markdown editor included. Read more.

Keyboard shortcuts

Become a mouse-less pro.

WebHook support

Integrate with third-party services (or your own tools). Read more.

User / Group permissions

Control who has access to which issues.

Multiple languages

All your users can see Bugify in their own language. List of languages.

Drag and drop attachments

Easier than click and find.